Retune Guide

If your TV, set-top box or recorder hasn’t auto-updated after a channel change, you will need to do a retune.

Here is a general guide to tuning your device:

STEP 1. Press the MENU or SETTINGS button on your remote.

STEP 2. Select Programmes / Broadcast / Channel / Set-Up.

STEP 3. Select TUNING option:

  • Select Terrestrial / Aerial / UHF – if your TV is connected to a UHF Aerial.
  • Select Satellite / Freeview SAT – if your TV is connected to a Satellite Dish.

If you’re prompted to choose between Analogue/ATV & Digital/DTV, always select Digital/DTV.

If you're unsure whether you have a UHF Aerial or a Satellite Dish, see our handy TV Antenna Guide here.

STEP 4. Select Auto Tuning / Set-Up to start tuning - on some TVs you have to press OK to start.


  • If you're retuning you don't need to change the TUNING option (in step 3), stick with the option already selected.
  • If you’re asked for a passcode, try the default code - typically one of the following: 0-0-0-0, 1-2-3-4, 8-8-8-8 or 9-9-9-9.


Tuning Individual TV Brands

As menus and settings vary across brands and models, it’s always best to refer to your TV manual for detailed instructions on how to tune in your TV.

Here is a list of tuning instructions for the following popular brands:










Tuning Individual Set-Top Boxes and PVRs

Like TVs, menus and settings also vary across brands and models for set-top boxes and recorders.

Here is a list of tuning instructions for the following popular brands:

Dish TV






Need more help?

If your device has slightly different settings, it's best to look in your device manual (either physical copy or you can search for it online to download) or contact the manufacturer directly for device specific support.

If you're still not picking up any channels, you might have a problem with your UHF Aerial or Satellite Dish. It's best to contact an installer to come inspect for any faults in your antenna or cabling. They can also help you with the retune.

You can find an installer in our directory here.

For more tuning help, you can also head to the Freeview Forum and ask the community.

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