Coverage Maps as supplied by Transmission Providers, showing UHF coverage across New Zealand and specific to regions.

For stores

Please contact us if you would like more information about Freeview or to request Freeview material for your store.


Download the latest Freeview Brand Guidelines for information on using the Freeview logo suite and its application.


To ensure that TVs, set top boxes and recorders (PVR) sold in New Zealand comply with New Zealand broadcasting technical specifications, Freeview maintains a program for testing and approving products sold in New Zealand. Manufacturers can contact us here to find out more about the testing and accreditation process.

Products must comply with these technical specifications in order to pass accreditation:

Once accredited, you can apply the well-recognised Freeview logos on your product.  

For information on using the right Freeview logo, please download the latest Freeview brand guidelines here.


Freeview accredited retail stores are the best places to pick up the Freeview gear you need. As we don't sell any digital TV equipment, we provide accreditation to retailers who have a proven track record and stock Freeview approved products, so customers know they're getting the real McCoy!

Visit Freeview accredited retailers online today.


Freeview provides a free directory service to help viewers get in touch with you when they need help with Freeview installation.

If you'd like to be included in the installers directory, please download the Installer Declaration Form here, complete it and return it to us.

Please note, being included in the directory does not mean you are Freeview accredited for the services you provide, nor does it give you the right to apply the Freeview logo.

If you have any queries regarding this, please see here for some information about Installer Accreditation and the use of the Freeview logos.  If in doubt, feel free to contact us – thank you.