Woohoo! Time to get free TV for life

Freeview offers a range of features and popular channels – all entirely subscription free.

The TV setup you use will determine what features and channels you can enjoy.

Let’s see what kind of setup is right for you.


How do you want your TV ?

Record it

All recorders with Freeview now come with LIVE TV and ON DEMAND* too

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On Demand*

All products with Freeview On Demand* comes with LIVE TV too.

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Live TV

Top notch live TV on 20+ TV and radio stations

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*Freeview On Demand is set to end in late 2022. This doesn't affect the Live TV channels or any other features, you can still watch all the channels and browse the TV Guide, you just won't be able to catch up or binge-watch shows on demand anymore once Freeview On Demand ends. Please see here for more information.