Tuning Instructions

Please see below retuning instructions for Homecast receiver.

  1. Press MENU button on your remote
  2. Navigate to Reset Factory using the ◄/► buttons
  3. Press OK button and enter the password (default: 0-0-0-0)
  4. Select Yes to confirm you want to reset the receiver to default
  5. Press OK button
  6. The receiver will respond with "Please wait". It will then reset itself and will restart to first installation screen.
  7. Select your Language and press OK
  8. Select your Television type and press OK
  9. Select the primary connection you are using to connect the receiver to your television.
  10. If your connection type is HDMI the receiver will try and select the best picture resolution. Follow the instructions for getting the best picture resolution.
  11. Auto Tuning will begin.
  12. Once completed it will save the channels and exit.

If your receiver has slightly different settings, it's best to look in your manual for instructions or contact DTV Solutions directly for support.