Dish TV

Tuning instructions

To find instructions on how to retune your Dish TV device, please select one of the models below.

You can find the model number on the front or back of your device.

Dish TV models:

SmartVU+ A7070 Box (Terrestrial & Satellite Receiver)

SmartVU Dongle (Streaming Device)

A2 Super Box (Terrestrial & Satellite Recorder)

S8300 (Satellite Recorder)

S8200 (Satellite Recorder)

SNT7070 (Satellite & Terrestrial Receiver)

S7070r (Satellite Receiver)

S7070rHD (Satellite Receiver) 

T1000n (Terrestrial Receiver)

T2100 (Terrestrial Receiver)


If you don't see your Dish TV model on this list, see here for a list of older models and their manuals