About Freeview

Freeview is great TV, for all Kiwis!

We're pretty stoked to provide the leading free-to-air platform for TV and radio in New Zealand.

The channels and features we offer are all entirely subscription-free, so all New Zealanders can stay informed with news and current affairs, and be entertained through the diverse range of content provided and curated with care by some of the best broadcasters in Aotearoa.

Over a million Kiwi homes already enjoy great TV and movies made right here in New Zealand and from around the world, free with Freeview.

Freeview is built into TVs, set top boxes, recorders and streaming dongles made by trusted brands, all tested and approved by us so you have the power to choose from a wide range of products to suit how you want to enjoy TV.


Our History

We started in 2007 with just 4 TV channels beamed out over satellite.

Since then, we’ve worked alongside the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and our shareholders TVNZ, Discovery NZ, Māori Television and RNZ to help New Zealanders transition from analogue TV to digital TV. And taken part in the launch of exciting new channels that have created a more vibrant free-to-air space for all Kiwis to enjoy.

Now we partner with broadcasters and networks to offer more than 20 TV and radio stations, through both satellite and UHF, including local content across regional stations and 6 stations with high definition broadcasts you can pick up through your UHF aerial.

For more information about channels and content, see our channels list and online TV guide.


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