Info for Broadcasters

Getting your spot on screen

At Freeview we don't make the programmes – we provide the free-to-air platform that allows those programmes and channels to be easily accessed by Kiwis in their homes.

We work with leading broadcasters in New Zealand, who carefully curate programmes across a wide range of diverse channels and make them available through Freeview. If you are a broadcaster with a unique vision to share your distinct voice with the communities in Aotearoa, please get in contact with us.

Freeview provides Live TV, TV Guide and Record features.

Live TV

Broadcast channels are delivered 'over the air' via Satellite (Direct-To-Home or DTH transmission) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency Digital Terrestrial Transmission, or DTT).

Broadcasters are free to choose whether to broadcast via Satellite or via UHF, or both. This is why channels can differ between the two transmission networks.

  • UHF or DTT coverage is available to 86% of New Zealand homes and as a broadcaster, you can choose to target specific regions, such as Auckland, Wellington, Southland etc. 
  • Satellite or DTH coverage is available to 100% of New Zealand homes.  Because satellite transmission goes out to the whole of New Zealand, satellite transmission is more suitable for nationwide broadcasts.

TV Guide

Broadcasters provide programme schedules to Freeview, so viewers can easily see what's on across channels, find out more about a specific show (check its classification for example, to safeguard our tamariki), and look ahead up to 8 days to plan their viewing.


This feature allows viewers with Freeview Recorders to record and save programmes on Live TV, using the TV Guide.

If you're a broadcaster or content provider with an interest to reach New Zealanders through Freeview, please get in touch with us.