What is a UHF aerial?

UHF aerials are used in New Zealand to pick up terrestrial TV signals sent over the air.  (UHF = Ultra High Frequency).

By using a UHF aerial, you'll be able to:

  • Watch selected programmes in HD;
  • Enjoy Dolby Digital sound on selected programmes;
  • Get exclusive local channels, like Wairarapa TV, Southern TV etc.

All Subscription Free!

87% of homes have UHF coverage and can use a UHF aerial.  Check to see if you have UHF coverage here.

UHF aerials come in different shapes and sizes.  Here are a few different types available: 


YAGI-type UHF Aerial 

These go on your roof-top.  Directed at your nearest transmission tower, they pick up UHF signal sent over the air.

If your coverage is "Very Likely" then this is the recommended roof-top UHF aerial for you.

If you're in a marginal coverage area, you may need to elevate your aerial over your roof so it's free from any obstructions, especially if your house is located in a dip, or has tall surrounding buildings or dense tree cover. 

UHF Aerial for Freeview HD - Phased-Array UHF Aerial


Phased-Array UHF Aerial

Position these on your roof-top similar to the YAGI-type aerial, but these are great if you're very far away from the transmission site.

UHF Aerial for Freeview HD - Phased-Array UHF Aerial


Indoor Digital UHF Aerial

If you can't get a roof-top aerial installed, you may be able to use one of these if you're within 5km of your nearest transmission site and has "Very Likely" UHF coverage (check your coverage here). 

UHF Aerial for Freeview HD - Indoor Digital UHF Aerial
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