What type of satellite dish do I need?

A satellite dish is used to pick up TV signal beamed to you from space via satellite; it then sends this signal to your satellite receiver via the antenna cable for decoding.

Live TV signals for FreeviewPlus® and Freeview Satellite® are transmitted from the Optus D1 satellite. We recommend a minimum dish size of 60cm with a single 11.300 GHz LO Frequency LNB.

If you're using a satellite dish to pick up TV signal, make sure you get an approved product that works with a satellite dish.

Devices that are compatible with Satellite Dish
  • Hybrid TV (or Dual Tuner TV)
  • Satellite Recorder like the SatBox S8200
  • Satellite receiver

Make sure you go for Freeview approved products - look for the Freeview logo instore on the display models!

For more information we suggest you contact an installer or a Freeview Retailer.

If you’d like to DIY, you’ll find useful resources and tips on www.freeviewforum.co.nz – either look up the Resources section or post about your set up for help from the community.

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