Having issues with the changes?

Sometimes making channels changes can cause some minor hiccups with channel listings. But don’t fret, we have some guides for you that should help remove any headaches.

Missing channel 10:

You may be missing channel 10 from your channel listings. This one is usually quite easy to fix.

  1. Navigate to channel 5 and wait for 20 seconds
  2. After the 20 second wait, you should now be able to access channel 10.

My TV guide is wrong since the channel change:

This could be a simple cache issue. We suggest you do the following.

  1. Power down the TV for around 30 seconds.
  2. Power it back on.

The EPG should be updated and ready to go.

Sky Open is playing another channels audio

Some old Dish TV Satellite boxes may cause issues with audio since the channel changes. However, this can be easily resolved by doing the following.

  1. Access the Factory reset Menu
  2. Press Installation
  3. Press Factory Default, enter(0000) as the default code.
  4. Once this is done, you will need to retune the box.

Sky Open Logo has not been updated from Prime/Prime+1

If your TV/device has not updated the logo to Sky Open (Channel 15) or Sky Open+1 (Channel 21) since August 23rd, then you will need to perform a retune. Please use the details provided below to complete this task.


If you have tried the above and had no luck, then you can run through a retune. Please use this link to find out how this is done.

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