Coverage Maps & Transmission Sites

The UHF coverage maps are kindly supplied by Transmission Providers for UHF TV Transmission, sometimes referred to as DTT, or Digital Terrestrial Transmission.

UHF coverage is available to 86% of New Zealand homes and is delivered from transmission towers set up in main centres around New Zealand.

Each tower provides coverage for a specific region by sending out UHF broadcast signal to the homes around it.   Because of this, broadcasters can more effectively target specific regions using UHF signal and viewers can access regional stations by using a UHF aerial.

Check your coverage here to see if you have UHF coverage.

Select from the dropdown list below any region to view its coverage map.  

For a full list of regions and the signal type available for each, please see here.

The other method of transmission used in New Zealand is via satellite (also termed Direct to Home, or DTH).

Satellite transmission can be received by 100% of New Zealand homes using a satellite dish.  Since satellite transmission covers the whole of New Zealand in exactly the same way, no coverage maps are required for this.

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