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You can check the classifications for shows and movies on the Freeview TV Guide online or on your TV to see if they're suitable for your kiddos.

Parental Controls (sometimes called Child Locks or Parental Locks) can be another easy way to safeguard your little ones from inappropriate content.


Using Parental

Parental Control is a feature on most TVs, set-top boxes and PVRs approved by Freeview. It lets you block programmes of certain ratings so they're not shown on your TV unless the correct passcode is entered.

Setting up Parental Control is quick and simple.  You can learn more about how it works here and find instructions for your Freeview-approved TV or box here.

A word on
NEW 2021 TVs

The Freeview TV Guide and programme data will be updated in June 2021 to use new classifications and advisory symbols. 

Before this update, the '16' and '18' settings will not work on new TVs released in 2021, please use 'M' instead to block content rated AO on those TVs.  Older TVs are not affected.  Please see here for more information.

Parental Controls on your TV or Set-top Box

If you'd like step-by-step instructions for your TV or box, you can dust off the Device Manual or just click on the button below.

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