Parental Controls on new TVs released in 2021

Parental Controls on new TVs released from 2021 will use new classifications/ratings set by the BSA (Broadcasting Standards Authority): G, PG, M, 16, 18.

New 2021 TVs that use these new ratings will start to appear in New Zealand stores from April, ahead of programme data being updated to replace old ratings (G, PGR, AO) with new ratings in June. 

During this transition period, selecting ‘16’ or ‘18’ in the Parental Controls of your new 2021 TV will not block any programmes and you may prefer to select ‘M’ instead to block programmes rated AO, or ‘PG’ to block programmes rated PGR or AO.

By mid-June, programme data for broadcasts will be updated to adopt the new ratings: G, PG, M, 16, 18, and Parental Controls on your new 2021 TVs will work correctly.

This programme data update is not expected to affect older TVs, for example, selecting ‘AO’ on your older TV should block programmes rated M, 16 or 18.

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