Freeview announces major changes to its channel line-up

Exciting changes are coming to Freeview this month, with  new channels launching and others shifting position to make navigating free-to-air content easier than ever.

On Monday 21st March 2022, new channels from Discovery New Zealand – eden and Rush – will launch on Freeview channel 8 and 14, with eden+1 available on channel 18.

At the same time, in a coordinated update across networks, several popular existing channels will move to new positions. TVNZ DUKE will go to channel 6, HGTV to 19, and Al Jazeera English to 20.

Three ‘plus 1’ channels will also shift up so viewers can more easily discover new content and watch their favourite shows one hour later: TVNZ 1 plus 1 will go to channel 11, DUKE plus 1 to channel 12, and Three+1 to 13. 

Alongside the new channels, Discovery New Zealand is transforming Choice into eden, with The Edge TV and Breeze TV moving online, where fans can watch-live on their respective websites. Juice TV will continue to be available on Freeview channel 200 for viewers who prefer their music videos on the big screen.

All others will remain in the same familiar positions on Freeview, such as the much-loved TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2, Three, Bravo, Māori Television, Te Reo, RNZ and Prime.

The wealth of content available and these changes combine to create a fresh new line-up that will enrich the free-to-air experience and make channel-surfing even more enjoyable for viewers.

Freeview and its shareholders TVNZ, Discovery, Māori Television and RNZ collaborated closely to curate the new line-up as part of their ongoing commitment to create the best possible free-to-air viewing experience. The growing portfolio of channels and content can be better showcased across the new Freeview line-up, with more distinct channels presented in the most accessible spots, better showcasing the diversity of content.

Most TVs set up with Freeview will automatically update, some may prompt users before picking up the changes, and a small number may require a retune.

As with any change, a new line-up may take a little getting used to. Freeview is working together with its shareholders to keep viewers informed so they know how to tune in from late March. More information is available from

Please see this one-pager for an overview of the channel movements.