I'm an installer. How can I get listed on this website? Can I use Freeview logos/trademarks?

Freeview® is not a provider of installation services; however we do provide a free listing for installers of Freeview approved products on our website, so that viewers requiring installation assistance can have ready access to your services.

Please forward a copy of the completed and signed Installer Details & Declaration Form to be added to our Installer Directory.

Please note that inclusion in the Freeview Installer Directory does not warrant use of the Freeview logos or trademarks as part of any business collateral, advertisements or promotion materials.

Only a Freeview Accredited Installation Services Provider or Freeview Accredited Retailer Partner can apply the Freeview logos and trademarks. It is acceptable however to use in your marketing copy that you install Freeview as a service.

For details on applying to become an accredited installer please refer to Freeview Accreditation Requirements.

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