Why Buy Approved Products?

Don't go for knock offs! Get the real deal.

At Freeview, we don't make, sell or install any TV products but we work with leading local and international manufacturers to test and certify the TVs, set top boxes and recorders they produce to make sure they comply with NZ broadcasting specifications.

Products that have passed the test are approved and manufacturers can place Freeview logos on the product or packaging.  You can see all the Freeview Approved Products here.

We also work with accredited retail partners to ensure only approved products are stocked in their stores, so you know that TV, set top box or recorder you picked up will give you all the true blue Freeview features.  Check out all the Accredited Retailers here so you can shop for the best real deals.

All approved products also come with manufacturer's warranty.  Check in store for warranty information.

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