Recording TV now even smarter


The 2016 range of MyFreeviewPlus Recorders by Panasonic just got even better.

Not only can you record TV and movies free from subscriptions, you can now do that directly from the FreeviewPlus Guide with these 2016 range MyFreeviewPlus recorders, following a software update released by Panasonic this week.

  • DMR-HWT260
  • DMR-PWT560
  • DMR-BWT760

You don't need to do anything to install it, the download and installation will be done automatically overnight.

The FreeviewPlus Guide goes forward 8 days and back in time a week.  It also provides richer synopsis information for all programmes, making On Demand episodes available alongside Live broadcasts, so you can catch up on past programmes and record future episodes all in one place.  

And yes, you can record the entire series in a single click.

Through the FreeviewPlus Menu, you'll also have - at your finger tips - hundreds of On Demand TV shows and movies, some exclusive to the On Demand platforms from leading broadcasters - all free to watch.