Freeview wins big in DSO

The status of Freeview®, as the nation's preferred way to connect with and consume digital television, took a big leap as New Zealand made the final transition to digital-only telvision broadcasting. 

The latest Nielson CMI Q4 2013 survey shows a total of 61.7 per cent of all New Zealand households, with at least one TV, are now using one or more Freeview devices - an increase of 8.2 per cent from the beginning of 2013 and means that 8 of 10 households that were still to go digital chose Freeview during the digital switchover (DSO). 

Since launching seven years ago 2.36 million Freeview approved devices have been sold throughout the country, enabling most New Zealanders to enjoy crystal-clear pictures, a broad array of channels, first-class content and innovative technology, like the 8 day electronic programme guide, all for free. 

The results are particularly pleasing given that cost of the DSO for New Zealand was also one of the lowest per capita in the OECD. 

Recent research in the UK has also shown that TV on the big screen still remains by far the preferred way for viewers to watch video content, with only two per cent of all content watched on mobile, tablets or PCs*. 

Sam Irvine, General Manager at Freeview says: "Viewer behaviour is changing and the industry landscape for telecommunications and television is shifting with it.

"Free TV remains the entertainment option of choice for most Kiwis, and we're confident Freeview's popularity will continue to rise as Freeview and the Broadcasters continue to innovate to provide quality, good value content for all New Zealanders," Mr Irvine said.

Evidence of this is the planned launch of Worldnet TV. This will be the first free to air service that will be available directly as a channel, on a connected Freeview|HD device, via your household Broadband connection.

Freeview plans to announce further new content and technology developments in 2014.

*Thinkbox via BBC UK -

Download a PDF of this press release here.

More information regarding the current Freeview service and future plans can be found on the Freeview website.