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What's new with Freeview?

Introducing a new seamless design and effortless viewing. 

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Everything in one place

The new On Demand combines content from TVNZ, ThreeNow and Māori TV into a single library, so no more individual apps! 

You'll find great shows and movies from those apps all in one place, so you can easily browse by genre, by channel or search across all stations for a specific title. 

Freeview account

The first time you stream content, you'll be asked to register for a Freeview account. This will allow you to watch all that great stuff any time, for free. The account will store your viewing history on your Recently Watched belt, so you can easily go back to binging your favourite shows.

How can I get on board?

If you already have access to On Demand content through the current Freeview platform, you will automatically get upgraded. 

Those who do not have access, but have a fairly new Smart TV that connects to the internet (or one of these receivers  or recorders) you can get On Demand by simply connecting it to a suitable TV antenna and broadband. 

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Want to record Live TV?

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