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Channel: 70

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George FM is Aotearoa’s dance music station.

Based in Auckland, NZ. In 2021 catch bangers & bants with Lee & Tammy on George Breakfast, George Days with Sin, George Drive with Dan Aux, George Nights with Brook Gibson & guests. Plus heaps of specialist shows by DJs like Dick Johnson, Grant Marshall, Bavhu, Benny Boy, Otosan, Hamish & Rangi, Poris, Thatsa, Sammie & Teto, Twofold, Chiccoreli, EMWA, Sam Lovli, Lee Mvtthews, Twentytwo, Twofold, Blanc, Sly Chaos, Kedu Carlo, Kidku, Tellah, Harrison Jupe, Lew & Ro, Good Company Broadcast Group, to name just a few.

DJing the full spectrum of electronic and dance music & beyond. Find a show for you at

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Instagram: @georgefmnz #GeorgeFM

Tik Tok: @georgefmnz

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George FM - Beats Working!

George FM - Stream anywhere on Rova or:

    • Auckland 96.6 FM
    • Hamilton 107.3 FM*
    • Tauranga 107.4 FM*
    • Palmerston North 107.1* FM
    • Wellington 106.7 FM*
    • Nelson 95.5 FM
    • Christchurch 106.9 FM*
    • Dunedin 107.1 FM*
    • Queenstown 96.8 FM

*Low frequency, your radio may not pick them up everywhere in this city so try Rova.

Available nationwide, only via satellite.