Al Jazeera English now on Satellite

Get it on Freeview channel 20



Exciting news, folks! Al Jazeera English is now accessible to all Freeview users, including those who watch via satellite. You can also tune in via UHF and watch on the Freeview Streaming TV app.

Can’t find channel 20?

Looks like you might need to do a little retuning to get the channel. No need to stress, though - we've got you covered! Find retune instructions here.

Some satellite boxes may be a little too old to pick up the new channel (see why here). If you can't get it even after a retune, let us know here. That way, we can get an idea of which boxes have trouble picking it up and how many there are.

If you're eager to receive Al Jazeera English via satellite but your current device isn't up to the task, it might be time for an upgrade. Check out approved products here, some TVs come with a satellite tuner if you want to do away with the box. And remember to shop around at trusted retailers to snag the most exciting deals available!