All new On Demand rolling out now!

The roll out is under way

The new platform has been released across 2017 & 2018 Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, TCL, and Philips (2017) Smart TVs, as well as selected Smart TVs released in 2015 & 2016 and Dish TV T2100, T2200, S8100, S8200 and S8300.

It's exciting times as we extend the release to more Smart TVs, so watch this space for the growing list of models with access to the all new Freeview On Demand. 

So what's new?

The new Freeview On Demand platform is a major upgrade of the existing FreeviewPlus streaming TV service, introducing seamless content browsing, effortless streaming and optimised playback - all on your TV.

So you can dive into all the free TV and movies, any time.

How can I get the new Freeview On Demand?

The new Freeview On Demand platform will be available on all Smart TVs released since late 2015.  Just connect your Smart TV to a suitable TV antenna and broadband internet to access the new platform.  If you already stream TV shows on your TV with Freeview, your TV will automatically pick up the new platform when it's rolled out, so you don't need to do anything at all.*

If you have an old-school telly, you don't have to upgrade to a Smart TV (unless you want to), you can connect your TV to a suitable set top box or a recorder with Freeview On Demand.

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*Some devices with lower memory handling capacities will get a 'light' version of the new platform, created to optimise for performance on those devices.

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