Info for Broadcasters & Channel Providers

Getting your spot on screen
At Freeview we don't make the programmes – we just deliver them on screen. In fact there are a lot of different people who set up channels to show on Freeview… and if you wanted you could be one of them – just get in contact with us.

If you're a broadcaster, you have the flexibility to choose whether to broadcast your content on Freeview Satellite, Freeview|HD, or both. This is why channels differ between the two platforms.

Freeview consists of:
Freeview|HD, MyFreeview|HD & FreeviewPlus (via UHF aerial) Coverage available to 86% of New Zealand homes, currently offers 20-23 television channels and 3 radio stations.

Freeview Satellite & MyFreeview Satellite (via satellite dish) Coverage available to 100% of New Zealand homes, currently offers 15 television channels and 4 radio stations.

If you'd like to know more about broadcasting on Freeview, please contact us.