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Dual Survival

Dave and Cody must endure the rugged jungle in Thailand with basic gear - a Thai jungle knife, steel wool, a sharpening stone, a damaged cell phone and a bag of tobacco.
9:30 PM
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Aussie Salvage Squad

The team works on the tricky retrieval of a catamaran smashed against some rocks in Funnel Bay, North Queensland.
10:30 PM
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Wheeler Dealers

Mike is after a Ford Sierra Cosworth, which looks like a family vehicle and runs like a race car, but with only œ5000 to spend, his plan may be about to stall.
11:30 PM
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Mysteries At The Museum

Don Wildman embarks on an epic quest to solve the world's greatest mysteries. From historical institutions to unexplored archives, Don unearths extraordinary relics and sinister artefacts.