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Tattoo Fixers

Alice flushes away Lucy's toilet tatt and helps Chloe to love her legs. Jay takes on Tom's superhero design, Sketch covers Chris's boastful nickname, and Glen removes Darren's chat-up line leg art.
9:30 PM
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Emma Willis: Delivering Babies

Emma meets Tamira and Chris who are expecting their third child. She also meets Heidi and Ben who are expecting twins, with the pregnancy deemed high risk.
10:30 PM
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Embarrassing Bodies

Dr Pixie meets a woman with a pair of testicle-like cysts on her head. Dr Christian deals with a young woman with incontinence. Dr Dawn helps a man who just can't hold on to his leaking bowels.
11:30 PM
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After a successful attorney is brutally murdered outside of his own office, investigators uncover a maze of obsession and jealousy that leads to a scornful perpetrator.