8:00 AM On Now
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Smooth Cru with BIG SENE & MARK GRAHAM

Old school favourites and rare treats. (Text the DJ on 379)
10:00 AM
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Natural Selections with ISRAEL CARTER

Classic downbeat selections for your Sunday morning listening. (Text the DJ on 379)
12:00 PM
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Social Sundays with JAFA MAFIA

Nu Roots, Reggae, Lovers, Dub and Dancehall (Text the DJ on 379)
2:00 PM
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Been to Berlin once with EL TRENDELINO

Focussing on tasteful music derived from genres such as Beats, Bass, House and NZ Music. (Text the DJ on 379)
4:00 PM
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Just Chillin with MARVIN & DJ MK

Old school goodness and soulful Sunday tunes. (Text the DJ on 379)
6:00 PM
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Down For The Count with AD.1

Jazz to Soul to Latin to Afrobeat to Downbeat to Hip Hop (Text the DJ on 379)
8:00 PM
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Infrequent Flyer with KAMAL

Underground beats, interviews, and a sustainable lifestyle. (Text the DJ on 379)
10:00 PM
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99 Cent Trax with TOM STROWGER

Deep house, jungle, garage, ballroom, footwork and grime. (Text the DJ on 379)