The Edge TV has moved to channel 14


The Edge TV is now beaming out the hottest music videos from its brand new home on Freeview channel 14.

What do you need to do?

For most of you - absolutely nothing.  

Your TV, set top box or PVR with Freeview should automatically update if left in Stand-by mode overnight, so the next time you switch it on, you'll find The Edge TV when you go to channel 14.  

Just use your remote to switch off your TV to leave it in Stand-by mode.

Quick tip: some TVs will display an onscreen pop-up and ask you to accept an update, select to accept the update if you're prompted.

What if my TV, box or PVR didn't update automatically?

A re-tune should update it.

To re-tune, look for Tuning, Digital Tuning or Auto-tuning in your TV or box Settings / Menu. 

Step-by-step instructions to tune in channels vary across different brands and models, so it's best to check the manufacturer website for instructions for your model; for a general guide, check out retune guidelines here.

Check out more on The Edge TV site here.