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Freeview doesn't make, sell or install digital TV products.  The products listed here have been tested & approved by Freeview to ensure compliance with New Zealand broadcasting specifications.  We recommend them and here's why.

Just a heads-up! Freeview On Demand is set to end in late 2022. This doesn't affect the Live TV channels or any other feature, you can still watch all the channels and browse the TV Guide, you just won't be able to catchup or binge-watch shows on demand anymore once Freeview On Demand ends. Please see here for more information.

Only the current product range are displayed here. Please see here if you’d like to view older products that are no longer made or sold in New Zealand

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*Freeview On Demand is set to end in late 2022, please see here for more information.

Price information is sourced at the time of product launch and will vary across retailers.  Please check retailer websites or check in-store for up-to-date pricing.