So what's changed?

Find out the key changes to the On Demand below

Everything in one place

On the current Freeview On Demand Platform, on show selection, you're handed off to either TVNZ, ThreeNow or Māori TV apps. With TVs being single- processor machines, there's a lag while the Freeview one shuts down and the broadcaster app loads.

What's New?

The content from those broadcasters have been brought together into Freeview On Demand library- so no more apps! When you select an episode it will start playing straight away. 




Catch Up 

Currently, there's a reverse EPG that goes back a week but since not all the shows in the EPG are available for catch-up, users have to scroll through all the unavailable shows to find ones that they want to catch up on. 

What's New?

Easily find catch up TV on the On Demand screen. Users will be able to scroll down for the latest shows you can catch up on, organised by channel. Select a channel to browse all the shows from that channel you can watch On Demand.

You can catch up on TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2, Three, Bravo, Māori TV and Duke.


registration banner again.png


Freeview has never asked viewers to register before. There is currently a login for TVNZ OnDemand, but it is not related to the Freeview account. If you have a TVNZ login, you still need to register for a Freeview account because your TVNZ account isn't linked to the Freeview account. 

What's New?

The first time you select to watch a show, you'll be asked to register for a Freeview account. You can choose to register by email or by Facebook. The account allows the app to track your viewing history across all broadcasters so you can easily go back to watching your favourite shows. And yes, sign up is free. 

mini guide white border.png

Other better bits 

  • Simpler Mini Guide
  • More channels at a glance on the TV Guide
  • Easier browsing of On Demand content 
  • Search by channel, by genre or by title