2016 VEON TV with HbbTV

After 30 October 2018, the old FreeviewPlus service, providing access to TVNZ OnDemand, ThreeNow and Maori TV On Demand apps, will come to the end of its serviceable life and will no longer be available on legacy 2016 VEON TVs with HbbTV.  

Following dedicated effort over three months, Freeview developed a 'Lite' version of its new Freeview On Demand platform for devices with lower processing power and memory-handling capacity; however these legacy 2016 VEON TVs remain incompatible and are unable to play the new video format with service-side ad-insertion.  

As such, these legacy 2016 VEON TVs will not be able to access the new Freeview On Demand platform.

Legacy 2016 VEON TVs with HbbTV