Pre-2016 TVs with HbbTV

Since 2015, LG has released Dual Tuner models that support both UHF aerial and Satellite Dish.

Since 2016, all LG Smart TVs released supports HbbTV, providing access to Freeview On Demand.

See below for all LG TV models released prior to 2016 that support Freeview On Demand.

Tip! Some LG TVs require a settings change to be able to get Freeview On Demand, you'll find instructions on how to do this detailed below in the Settings Update section below.

On Demand LG TV

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All Models

You can get Freeview On Demand with one of these.  Most of these models will only work with a UHF aerial, but some are Dual Tuner TVs (which will work with either a UHF aerial or a Satellite Dish).  

Check in the Dual Tuner TV section to see if it's a model that will work with either a UHF aerial or a satellite dish.

2016 Models








65UH850T, 60UH850T, 55UH850T

65UH770T, 60UH770T, 55UH770T, 49UH770T

75UH652V, 65UH652V, 60UH652V, 55UH652V, 49UH652V



49UH610T, 43UH610T

65UH600T, 55UH600T

55LH600V, 49LH600V, 43LH600V


49LH570T, 43LH570T


2015 Models

65EG960T, 55EG960T

65UG870T, 55UG870T

65UF850T, 60UF850T, 55UF850T, 49UF850T

79UF770V, 70UF770V, 65UF770V, 55UF770V, 49UF770V, 43UF770V

65LF631V, 55LF631V, 49LF631V, 40LF631V


58UF830T, 55UF680T

49UF640T, 43UF640T


49LF5900, 43LF5900


Dual Tuner TV Models

You can get Freeview On Demand with any of these by connecting the TV to either a Satellite Dish or a UHF aerial.

2016 Dual Tuner Models

75UH652V, 65UH652V, 60UH652V, 55UH652V, 49UH652V

55LH600V, 49LH600V, 43LH600V

2015 Dual Tuner Models

40LF631V, 43LF631V, 49LF631V, 55LF631V, 65LF631V


43UF770V, 49UF770V, 55UF770V, 60UF770V, 65UF770V, 70UF770V, 79UF770V


Settings Update

Please manually enable HbbTV* on this model to access On Demand:


For more information about LG On Demand Smart TVs, please contact LG online or call 0800 542 273 (0800 LG CARE). 

*Enable HbbTV on LG TVs

On some LG TVs, you need to manually enable HbbTV in order to access Freeview On Demand.

To do so, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Programmes > HbbTV (select to Enable).  

Once enabled, you should see a Freeview Pop Up on the top left of your screen each time you change channel or power up your TV.

Please refer to your Product Guide or contact LG Support for further information.


Legacy models

After 30 October 2018, the old FreeviewPlus service, which provided access to TVNZ OnDemand, ThreeNow and Maori TV On Demand apps, will come to the end of its serviceable life and will no longer be available on legacy 2014 LG TVs with HbbTV.  

Following dedicated effort over several months, Freeview developed a 'Lite' version of its new Freeview On Demand platform for devices with lower processing power and memory-handling capacity; however those legacy 2014 LG TVs remain incompatible and are not able to handle the new video format with service-side ad-insertion.  

As such, these legacy 2014 LG TVs will not be able to access the new Freeview On Demand platform.

Legacy 2014 Models with HbbTV

The following LG 2014 models were enabled for HbbTV via an LG firmware release in late 2015 but required a manual Settings Update in order to enable FreeviewPlus.

65UC970T, 55UC970T
65UB950T, 55UB950T
84UB980T, 79UB980T, 65UB980T
65LB7500, 55LB7500, 60LB7500, 55LB7500
50LB6700, 42LB6700
60LB650v, 55LB650v, 50LB650v, 42LB650v