Manufacturers of digital TV devices: Getting Freeview Approval for your product

Freeview does not manufacture digital TV devices, but to ensure compatibility with New Zealand broadcast specifications, Freeview manages a testing and approval process for TVs, receivers or recorders sold in New Zealand.

Only approved TVs, set top boxes and recorders can carry the Freeview trademarks.

Approval Process

  1. Testing of MHEG, SI and SSU carried out DTG or DTV-Labs
  2. Freeview carry out field trials and retain sample for receiver farm
  3. Certification agreement is mutually signed with approved models listed
  4. Approved products are added to the Freeview website
  5. Freeview logos may be used on products and in marketing material
  6. Retailers can stock products

Freeview retains the sole right to certify products. The test houses/labs listed above only provide test reports and do not apply the certification.

For more details on New Zealand specifications for digital TV equipment as well as getting approval for your product, please see the Equipment Supply Chain page or contact us.

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