How do I set up the SmartVU?

Follow the instructions on the Quick Start Guide (find it in the box!) to connect the SmartVU to your TV - it's quick & easy.

Here're a few tips to give you an even smoother run!

Plug the SmartVU to a power socket if you can. While the SmartVU can be connected to a USB port to most TVs and be powered that way, it's way more reliable to plug it to a power socket (that's why it comes with a power adaptor, use it).

Get close to your Wi-Fi router. You need a clear & consistent Wi-Fi signal to have a good stream. The stability of your connection also affects video quality. To get top-notch video quality, position the SmartVU so it's within range of your Wi-Fi router so your Wi-Fi signal doesn't need to pass through too many obstacles before it reaches the SmartVU.

Sign in with a Google Account that's registered in New Zealand. You may be an international man/woman of mystery, but when Google prompts you to sign in, please sign in with your NZ-based Google Account so you can access its full features & apps, such as Freeview. 


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