Why is Freeview On Demand ending?

It's been a good run. We appreciate your support for Freeview On Demand and it's been fantastic to have been able to provide it as a free service following its launch in 2015. 

But how we watch TV has since changed, with most of us now comfortable with watching on demand through apps and switching between apps while watching TV.

In light of this, Freeview On Demand is being retired so Freeview can refocus on improving Live TV for all New Zealand viewers. 

Freeview shareholders, who own the rights to on demand content accessed through Freeview On Demand, can also continue to grow and enhance their own on demand apps to better cater to their audiences.

All the on demand content will still be available, just through ThreeNow, Māori+ and RNZ, wherever they’re available.

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