How will I know when Freeview On Demand is ending?

We don’t have the exact date yet, but every effort is being made to ensure viewers are notified before the change takes place.

If you use Freeview On Demand to watch your favourite shows, please keep an eye out for updates on your TV*, on our website here and in your inbox if you have a Freeview account**.

What else is Freeview doing to notify the public?

A market announcement release in December 2021, supported by signage across participating electronics stores.


*Onscreen notifications will be displayed on Freeview On Demand across all devices except DISH TV A2 Recorders and 2016 Samsung Smart TVs, as those devices cannot be updated to the required software version.

**Email updates will be sent to those who have provided an email address on sign-up and have not chosen to opt-out of receiving updates.

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