Can I still watch on demand on my TV?

You can still watch on demand through Freeview before the Freeview On Demand service ends in late 2022.

After that, you will need to go to ThreeNow, Māori+ and RNZ to watch their shows on-demand.

We don’t yet have information about the availability of ThreeNow, Māori+ and RNZ on specific TVs, set-top boxes and PVRs.

Rest assured that the same range of on demand shows will still be available, just accessed through ThreeNow, Māori+ and RNZ, wherever they’re available.

The broadcasters involved (Discovery NZ, Māori Television and RNZ) are working on how various devices will access their apps and on demand content. And Freeview will work closely with them to help viewers move to new ways of watching their favourite on demand shows.

More information will be shared in 2022, before Freeview On Demand ends. Learn more about how you may be notified here.

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