Do I need a new TV to get Freeview?

No.  Depending on the TV antenna you’re using and how old your TV is, you might already be able to get Freeview with what you’ve got. 

If you bought your TV after 2009, and…

You’re using a UHF aerial:

You should be able to get Freeview just by connecting your TV to the UHF aerial and tuning in the channels.

You’re using a satellite dish:

Since 2015, some leading brands have released dual tuner TVs that work with a satellite dish directly, so if you have a satellite dish and a relatively new TV, try connecting the satellite cable to the TV to see if it works.

But most likely you’ll need a satellite receiver (satellite box) or a satellite recorder to get Freeview.  This is because most TVs with Freeview only have a UHF tuner, which is incompatible with the satellite signal.

If you have a TV from before 2009 and don’t want to upgrade your TV…

You can pick up a set top box (receiver) or a recorder with Freeview to get Freeview.

The receiver or recorder with Freeview converts the TV signal and comes with other advantages.  For example, with a new Freeview recorder you can record and store hundreds of hours of content, all free.

You can browse the entire range of Freeview approved products here.

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