What is Freeview On Demand?

Freeview On Demand brings together all the great content from ThreeNow, Māori+ and Radio New Zealand so you can more easily browse, discover and watch the best free TV and movies on your TV, any time you want.

2 versions of Freeview On Demand!

There're two ways to access Freeview On Demand:

  1. Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV / HbbTV version - built-in to all new Smart TV (released since 2015), Internet-connected Set Top Boxes & Recorders.
  2. Smart TV app version - available from the Apps Menu on selected Smart TVs.

Freeview On Demand via HbbTV

The HbbTV version of Freeview On Demand is integrated with Freeview Live TV so you can effortlessly switch to On Demand when you're watching any Freeview channel.  It's built into all new Smart TVs, Internet-connected / WIFI-enabled Set Top Boxes & Recorders.  Browse the current range of products here.

To activate it, connect your Smart TV to a working TV antenna & broadband Internet. 

To access it, just press the OK button on your remote when you're watching Live TV to bring up the Mini Guide and select the On Demand icon on the left.

Freeview On Demand Smart TV app

Freeview On Demand is now available as a Smart TV app on most new Smart TVs.  Unlike the HbbTV version of Freeview On Demand, you don't need a TV antenna connected to your TV to access the Smart TV app.  Just make sure your TV is connected to broadband Internet and access it like you would any other Smart TV app, from the Apps Home / Apps Menu on your Smart TV.



Note: Freeview On Demand was formerly branded as FreeviewPlus, which launched in July 2015.

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