Loading the New Freeview On Demand platform on DISH TV boxes

On some Dish TV boxes, the GUIDE button has been set to load the TV Guide on the old Freeview On Demand (or FreeviewPlus) platform.

When the old Freeview platform is completely switched off, if your Dish TV box is still diverting to the old Freeview TV Guide, you may not be able to access programming information.

To load the new Freeview On Demand platform and the new Freeview TV Guide, simply exit from the old Freeview TV Guide and allow the new platform to load.

1. Please press EXIT on your Dish TV remote control.

2. Wait a few moments for the new Freeview On Demand platform to load in the background.  You'll see the new Freeview mini guide appear at the bottom of the TV Screen when it's ready.   And from thereon, you'll have access to the New Freeview On Demand. 

When watching any Freeview channel, press the UP arrow / OK button on your Dish TV remote to bring up the Freeview mini guide.

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