Does my TV have Freeview On Demand?

All new Smart TVs now have Freeview On Demand.

But if you have a Smart TV purchased between 2014 and 2016, select the brand of your Smart TV below to see if the model of your TV is listed as having Freeview On Demand.

One thing to keep in mind if you're using a satellite dish is that you’ll need to connect your Smart TV to both broadband and your TV antenna to get Freeview On Demand.  While all Smart TVs work with a UHF aerial, only Dual Tuner models will connect directly with a satellite dish.  So if you’re using a satellite dish, select the brand below and check if your TV is also a Dual Tuner model.  If it isn’t, you’ll need a satellite box or satellite recorder with Freeview On Demand (browse the current range of satellite products with Freeview On Demand here).




Sony (no Dual Tuner models available)

Quick tip! If you're investing in a new TV, it's better to go for a higher end model - not only do most of them come with Freeview On Demand, but they're also generally equipped with better processors for faster performance when it comes to streaming and rendering, so you can have a better viewing experience.  

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