How do I connect my Smart TV, set top box or recorder with Freeview On Demand to broadband?

There are 3 options to connect your broadband to your Smart TV, set top box or recorder with Freeview On Demand.

WIFI: easiest set up.

All products with Freeview On Demand have built-in WIFI receivers, so a WIFI connection would be the easiest way to connect to your home broadband. 

Ethernet: more reliable connection and streaming.

If you’d like a more robust connection for streaming (especially if you have multiple devices going online at the same time in your home), connecting your device directly to your router via an Ethernet cable would typically work better.

Powerline Adapters: for larger homes.

If your router is nowhere near your TV or box, you can use a pair of powerline adapters to turn any power outlet in your home into an internet outlet. 

One adapter connects to your router via Ethernet cable, then plugs into a power socket; the other plugs into a power socket near your TV or box, then connects to your TV or box via an Ethernet cable.  Streaming data can then travel from the router to your TV via the powerlines in your house.

You can pick up Ethernet cables and powerline adapters at your local electronics retailer.

Set up Network Connection on your device with Freeview On Demand

Regardless of how you choose to connect to your broadband, you’ll need to set up a network connection on the device with Freeview On Demand.

Because device menus vary across brands and models, it’s best to always check the manufacturer’s user manual for set up instructions, but here’re some general guidelines to set up a network connection:

Go to Menu / Settings > Network Settings

If you’ve opted to connect an Ethernet cable directly to your Smart TV or set top box with Freeview On Demand, select Direct or Ethernet connection; otherwise select WIFI (or Wireless) connection to connect to your home WIFI network.

You’ll be prompted to enter your home network details.  You’ll find these on the back of your router / modem, or check with the person who set up your network for these details.

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