What does a Freeview set top box or digital receiver do?

The digital receiver or set top box is great if you’re not looking to upgrade your TV.

It converts the digital TV signal into a form that is suitable for display and viewing on any TV, such as an analogue TV (e.g. CRT TV).  The antenna cable is connected to the set top box, and then the box is connected to your TV.

There're a range of set top boxes available in the market, you can browse set top boxes on the Approved Products page.

The right set top box for you depends on:

1. Whether it's compatible with the TV antenna you use;

2. The Freeview viewing options you want.  For example, if you'd like to record, go for a Recorder with Freeview so you can record and save your favourite shows or TV moments.

Here's a guide that will help you zone in on the right product for you

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