Do I have to get a digital receiver /recorder from an accredited Freeview retailer?

We recommend purchasing from accredited Freeview retailers as they stock only Freeview approved products.

You'll find that a number of installers also sell Freeview approved digital receivers/recorders. While you don't need to buy from a Freeview accredited retailer, it's best to buy a Freeview approved product as only Freeview approved products have been sampled and rigorously tested to ensure compatibility with the Freeview platform in New Zealand.

Only Freeview approved receivers/recorders offer the following benefits:

  • Automatically scans for new channels;
  • Pre-loaded with the 8-day Freeview Electronic Programme Guide (EPG);
  • Capability to access interactive TV as it becomes available;
  • Automatically receives over-the-air software upgrades;
  • Parental Control Features;
  • Warranty / Service guarantee & support

You'll see the Freeview logo in accredited retailer stores and on Freeview approved products. Find a Freeview retailer or installer near you.

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