Known Bugs on the TV Guide Mobile App

Our mobile app is the creation of many hours of hard work, innovation, testing and bug-fixing (a struggle which we're sure developers everywhere can relate with). But of course, there is always some teething issues. 

The following are known bugs that were aware of and are working to fix:

  • Repeated reminders: You may receive repeated notifications on +1 channels.
  • Search: +1 results: When searching titles that appear on channels with a +1 (TVNZ1+1, TVNZ2+1, Three+1, eden+1), results will display the +1 channel as the 'Next Airing' (iOS only).
  • Browse by Genre:
    • +1 results: When selecting titles that appear on channels with a +1, it will bring up the +1 as the 'Next Airing' (iOS only).
    • Missing titles: Some titles in the TV Guide have a genre, but are missing in the respective genre list.
    • Reality list: Only loads a quarter of the list at a time.
    • Titles in the incorrect genre list: Some titles are organised under the wrong list.

Found a bug? 

Let us know about the pesky bug via our Send Feedback form.

You can do this on the mobile app (Menu > Settings > Send Feedback) or here on our website.

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