Known issues

We're working on a couple bugs...

The new line-up was introduced in the early hours of March 21st. While the update was largely successful, there were a couple of niggles to straighten out.

Smart TVs and connected boxes - FIXED:

A display issue affected new channels eden and Rush in the line-up, this had now been resolved.

If you have a Smart TV or box connected to the internet* and it still hasn't correctly updated to the new line-up, please first power it off at the wall before turning it back on, or see here on what you can do.

*If your set-top box is a SmartVU+ box, please see the information below instead.

SmartVU dongle and SmartVU+ boxes that are streaming Freeview channels:

TV Guide is not displaying channels and listings information correctly. The manufacturer is working on an update to resolve this.

Note: if your Mini Guide is incorrect (if you still see the old channels, if you can't see the new channels or if channels are out of position), please reboot your device at the wall.

We're working with both manufacturers and developers to iron out these kinks as quickly as possible.

If your TV, box of dongle hasn't updated correctly, and the issue you're experiencing is not detailed above, a reboot or a retune will most likely set things right. Please see here on what you can do.

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