Alternative Audio feature

Alternative audio is now accessible on Sky Open (Freeview channel 15) throughout the Rugby World Cup 2023 campaign.

This means you have the option to enjoy Te Reo Māori commentary on every live or delayed All Blacks Match played during RWC 2023 on Sky Open.  For programs where alternative audio is not available, you'll hear English by default.

You can turn on this alternative audio feature in two ways:

  1. Select it while watching a particular channel, or
  2. Select it in Settings to enable it across all channels. 

Here are some instructions for popular brands:

This alternative audio feature is not currently available on the Freeview Streaming TV app.

Want to watch more in Te Reo? Check out Whakaata Māori (Freeview Channel 5) and the Te Reo channel (Freeview Channel 10). All programming on the Te Reo channel is broadcast in Te Reo Māori.

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