Making Freeview Simple

Freeview is New Zealand free-to-air TV, fantastic local and international content for all New Zealanders to enjoy, free from fees.

To make it super simple to get the right Freeview options, through products with Freeview features, we're making some changes on how we talk about Freeview and those products.  

Read on, or check out this one-page summary about the changes.

One brand for free entertainment!

Whenever we talk about the free-to-air TV experience, we just use Freeview.  

That's right, there will be no more sub-brands.

Freeview|HD, Freeview Satellite, MyFreeview|HD, MyFreeview Satellite, FreeviewPlus and MyFreeviewPlus will be phased out.  

If you already have Freeview, it'll work exactly the same!

Labels in-stores

For those looking to get Freeview or upgrade their TV, to make it easy to select the right TV, set top box or recorder, products on display in stores will each be labelled with:

  • The viewing options offered: LIVE TV, ON DEMAND and RECORD;
  • The type of signal it works with: UHF, Satellite, both UHF and Satellite.

Want more info or have some feedback for us?

If you have any thoughts about the new labels, please email, we always love to hear from you!