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Jesse Mulligan

A mix of the curious and compelling, from stories of the day to great questions of our time. Facebook:; Twitter: @JMulliganRNZ; Mobile: 2101, texts cost 20c
4:06 PM
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The Panel with Jim Mora

An hour of discussion featuring a range of panelists from along the opinion spectrum (RNZ). Facebook:; Twitter: @ThePanelRNZ; Mobile: 2101, texts cost 20c
5:00 PM
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Checkpoint with John Campbell

RNZ’s weekday drive-time news and current affairs programme – Do join us. Facebook:; Twitter: @CheckpointRNZ; Mobile: Text 2101, texts cost 20c
6:30 PM
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Trending Now

Highlighting the RNZ stories you’re sharing on-line
6:43 PM
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Focus on Politics

Analysis of significant political issues presented by Radio New Zealand's parliamentary reporting team (RNZ)
7:06 PM
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Nights with Bryan Crump

RNZ's weeknight programme of entertainment and information. Facebook:; Mobile: Text 2101, texts cost 20c
8:30 PM
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9:06 PM
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Country Life

Memorable scenes, people and places in rural New Zealand (RNZ)
10:00 PM
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News and Late Edition

RNZ news and the day’s best interviews from RNZ National, including Dateline Pacific. Website: Facebook: Twitter: @RNZ_News
11:06 PM
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The Mixtape