AerialBox Models with FreeviewPlus

AerialBox T2100.jpg

These models are APPROVED and can access FreeviewPlus through a UHF aerial.

   AerialBox T2100 FreeviewPlus Set Top Box

   AerialBox T2200 MyFreeviewPlus Dual Tuner Recorder

To get FreeviewPlus, connect your UHF aerial and home broadband to the set top box, which is in turn connected to your existing TV, then press the red button on your AerialBox remote to start exploring!

FreeviewPlus is also available through Satellite Dish!

If you're using a Satellite Dish, go for a SatBox!

For more information about AerialBox, check out Dish TV Online or call 0800 347 488 (0800 DISH TV).

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