Can I get reception for both Freeview Satellite and Freeview|HD (via UHF)?

Most New Zealand homes can get both Freeview|HD and Freeview Satellite with the right set up.

You'll need both a satellite dish and UHF aerial on your roof to pick up both the satellite and HD signals, respectively, and have Freeview|HD coverage (check your coverage here).

Some 2014 model Samsung and LG hybrid TVs have both a satellite receiver and an HD receiver built-in, so if you're in the market for a new TV, might be worth asking about those instore.

You can buy approved devices from these nationwide retailers.

* Freeview|HD® (via UHF) is a High Definition capable platform while Freeview Satellite is a Standard Definition platform.

You get selected content in high definition and Dolby Surround Sound on ONE, TV2 & TV3 on Freeview|HD®. For details on which programmes are broadcast in High Definition, please see programme details on the Freeview TV Guide (watch for the HD and Dolby icons).

You also get exclusive regional channels on Freeview|HD (see here for channels).

Find out all the good things that come with Freeview|HD here.

Need help setting this up?

Get in touch with an installer. You can give Clearvision Communications a call on 0800 255 255 for a quote. They're nationwide accredited installers and can provide you with any additional receivers / recorders you need as well.

Alternatively, check the installer directory.

Ask the Community

If you'd like to DIY this, you'll find some like-minded Kiwis with technical know-how at the forum - they can offer some pretty helpful hints - just add a discussion to ask them a question!

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